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A Word From Pastor Mark

A Word From Pastor Mark
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Rev. Mark Stauffer and Lynn

From Bolivia With Love

My recent trip to the House of Hope in Bolivia was to build a COB house at the Baptist Seminary in Cochabamba.  This house was built to serve as both an encouragement to pastors and a lesson in self-sufficiency in ministry.  This house is a model to encourage pastors that they can have a quality home for low cost and to help them to see the value in joining in the building of their new home.

Our group from West Virginia followed a group from Colorado (ABC Rocky Mountain Region) who began working on the foundation, framing, and windows. Our group picked up and basically finished all but the last few feet of the first floor. Richard, from the House of Hope is now working with students and teachers from the Seminary to get the rest of the building finished. 

What is the future of the House of Hope?

As you read in the November Newsletter, Dr. Mario Morales, regional missionary to Iberoamerica and Spain resigned his appointment with International Ministries on the 31st of October, 2014 due to family needs and challenges. 

The Morales family’s ministry as missionaries began in Bolivia and in time oversaw the creation of the ministry of the House of Hope.  In their ministry of over a decade in Cochabamba, over 70 ministries were either started or supported through this vital and vibrant ministry that they created.  One of the many ministries they engaged in was leadership training, which provided the House of Hope with wonderful leaders in the family of Richard Achu and Carmen Flores.  As we talk about this time of transition, we would be remiss to skip over the years of influence and the countless lives that were impacted by the Morales family and their ministry here in Bolivia.  

As of the 31st of October, Missionaries J.D. and Rhonda Reed (from Parkersburg, WV) will be assuming the responsibility of oversight and management of the ministries of the House of Hope. J.D. and Rhonda live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and work in many different areas in Bolivia. The ministry and the needs of the communities are currently being assessed and then a process of determining a new focus and vision that will both encompass the successful ministries of the House and what future opportunities might be arising, will begin. 

Even though there is a little bit of fear and second-guessing, overall everyone involved are positive and excited about what the future holds.  God is refining the House of Hope and preparing it for a new day in ministry. My prayer is that you will walk alongside J.D., Rhonda, Richard, and Carmen as we all work together for the glory of God and His Kingdom in Bolivia and in the rest of the world.

(Excerpts from J.D.'s House of Hope Newsletter)                                         


In Him,


Pastor Mark

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